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  1. Modern Japanese houses inspiring minimalism and avant-garde living
  2. mui: Calm Design Device built with natural wood material by mui Lab,Inc. — Kickstarter
  3. The Japanese team’s silent wooden interface promotes a healthier relationship with technology.
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  5. Download PDF Wood Calm House (Japanese Edition)

He mulled over the design, and was influenced by a host of architectural experiences from the book he published in titled Architecture as Frame Sankeisha and the House in Uehara designed by Kazuo Shinohara, his respected teacher. With the limit of two levels above ground, he shifted the living space to the upper floor, and a work space — a study and a calligraphy room for his wife — to the middle. Casting interesting sightlines and layers of stairs through the space, Sakaushi only half jokes that the house is also a tool for exercise.

Sunlight drapes over a material palette of concrete and wood inside, creating quiet scenes of calm across the communal first floor spaces and private ground floor rooms. Architect Hiroshi Sambuichi takes pride in designing with natural and re-used materials. Sambuichi took the fairly radical decision of burying the house in a bed of stones, which come from a nearby river.

In winter, these stones protect the house from icy blasts, while in summer, they keep the temperature and humidity down. Photography: Shinkenchu-sha. At ground floor, transparent walls contain the kitchen, dining room. The first floor is used for entertaining, creating music or working, while upstairs again on the second floor, there is a bedroom and storage space. Japanese architect Yo Shimada set up his office, Tato, in and his work involves a plethora of residential design, including this house in Rokko. The multi-functional space covers many needs.

Modern Japanese houses inspiring minimalism and avant-garde living

It is a practical and spacious family home, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground level at the rear of the property. It is also a workshop, with studio space located above, on the first floor. Photography: Yuji Tanabe. The Window House has a footprint of 80 sq m and is spread over two levels with the flexibility to reconfigure the design as per plot requirements.

Featuring an open-plan layout and minimal white interiors, the form is inspired, says Muji, by a traditional English country house.

mui: Calm Design Device built with natural wood material by mui Lab,Inc. — Kickstarter

The outer walls are wrapped with openings on all sides. Built of concrete to withstand extreme weather, the architects detailed the home with traditional Japanese materials to soften its edges. The couple who commissioned the house, an art dealer who is originally from Ikema and her husband, an engineering entrepreneur, reside permanently in Naha, Okinawa island, and had always dreamed of having a retreat in Ikema.

Relaxing Zen Music and Nature Sounds - Wooden Flute and Pan Flute - Meditation, Sleep Sound

The architects had previously completed another commission for the couple in Naha City, so they were familiar both with native construction methods, materials available and the traditional, yet contemporary tastes of their clients. Photography: Shinichi Sato.

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The Japanese team’s silent wooden interface promotes a healthier relationship with technology.

Select this reward. Shipping free. Estimated delivery Mar Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. Estimated delivery Apr Estimated delivery Sep Limited 22 backers. Natural light — what a bright way to light up your home!

2) Soaking Tubs Are Important in Japanese Interior Design

This modern TV room has plenty of natural light via the floor-to-ceiling windows. Image Source: Logue Studio Design. In keeping with the natural beauty of the outside world, Japanese homes typically contain simple colors from nature. Predominant colors are derived from the browns of wooden elements, and the greens of plants. Flooring is either wood or grey stone tile, and most walls are replaced with screens that are covered in opaque paper.

This design results in a simple color palette that is very neutral. How can we mimic this in our own interiors? Try incorporating these natural wooden elements through wood shelving, wall panels and flooring, or add the grey-tones of stone in your floors or even your furniture see image below. Simplicity is key when choosing your color palette. Look outside your windows to see what natural color elements you can incorporate in your home today. Floor-to-ceiling windows let a lot of natural light into this room.

Dark Jewel, A Riki Storm Vampire Mystery

Image Source: Doba-Arch. Try diving deep into the peaceful Japanese culture by creating a truly serene space in your home that is meant for mediating, having tea, or doing yoga. Look at the room featured below. It is an amazing nod to Japanese culture and would make a perfect place to have Japanese tea. Find a quiet place in your own home to lay out a floor cushion for meditating or just sitting and relaxing.

Paint the room in calming greens or browns, add some live greenery, play some calming music and Voila! You have your very own, very Zen Japanese hideaway.

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This is a perfect Japanese tea room. Image Source: Konnitanaka.

While you may not have grown up surrounded by the ancient Japanese culture, you can still fall in love with its very peaceful design aesthetic that is deeply rooted in history. Add to your home: natural wood elements, simple greenery, natural lighting, modern furnishings, water features, a deep soaking tub, plush floor cushions, sliding doors or screens, a room for mediating and plenty of colors derived from nature.

All of these small pieces pull your home together into a rich Japanese interior design that speaks to its culture and love of nature. Would you like to have a home designed in this style? If so, what would you add to your home to achieve this look? I spent a semester in Japan when I was in college, and I came back with a love of their architecture. Now screen doors can double as a security feature as well. An authentic Japanese screen is called a Shoji, and it is an essential design element in Japanese homes. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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