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And there is one protection that we desire: that we not stumble in this kind of life. The G. Since Gnostics were generally vegetarians, anyone refusing to partake of fleshly meals would be suspected of heresy:. I wrote a paragraph about this in my first article. The Essenes of Dead Sea Scrolls fame , the John the Baptist group, and the Jesus movement had much in common and are somehow related to each other. Scholars frequently debate the exact nature of their relationship.

In any case, they shared many of the same values, scriptures, and spiritual beliefs. Then there was John the Baptist, a former Essene that formed his own unique group. He eventually had a huge following. Many thought John the Baptist was the messiah. In recent years some of them have even relocated to the US and other Western countries. And then, after the death of John, Jesus begins his ministry and a group eventually forms around him. They were published only a few decades ago. I have enjoyed reading the Essene Gospel of Peace volumes. They have some profound things to say, and probably Szekely was an initiate of the same Indian-based spiritual path I follow, but except for some older passages that were quoted in those, they otherwise are not ancient books.

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But for ancient texts proving that vegetarianism was part of early Christianity one must cite the Clementine Ebionite gospel literature, not the Essene Gospel of Peace. There are several neo-Essene type groups that have formed, published books, and have websites these days. They are interested in the Jewish roots of Christianity. Their heart is in the right place and they are onto something, yes, but I disagree with the use of the word Essene, instead preferring Ebionite, since Ebionite refers specifically to followers of Jesus and his successors, what some call the Hebrew Christians.

From Rome to India, from Orthodox to Gnostic traditions, most seem to believe that to be true. The Acts of Thomas is an important scripture all about Thomas in India. Some of the icons portray Thomas as looking like Christ. At least not by relying on the Gospel of Isa, which most suspect was a fraud of the 19th Century. Am always willing to have a look, at least. But in the biblical texts, gnostic gospels, Mandaean writings, and other apocryphal texts, John the Baptist is a very central figure.

They wrote some psalms casting Jesus in a very negative light, saying he was a false Master sent by the negative power. And, based on my own acquaintance with more recent spiritual paths, those struggles over succession all sound very familiar. Just found this online.

Was Jesus A Vegetarian? The harshest words that Kabir, a great spiritual Master and poet-mystic from Northern India loved by Sufis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Sants and Hindus alike ever spoke were directed against the slaughter or consumption of innocent animals. Foods which are produced by killing living beings, as well as foods which are not pure and fresh, are considered tamasic. Consumption of these is prohibited by the teachings of the saints. This includes animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs.

These foods inhibit the clarity of the mind and the health of the body. Even the quality of water which we drink will influence our speech. This is because in the very cells of these animals there might be bad diseases. But even more significantly, the natural vibration of these creatures is absorbed into the blood. This can create agitation and even sickness, and will destroy the natural calmness of the mind.

Also, one must not take intoxicants, as this is a great breach of the spiritual path and natural duty dharma. In fact, being vegetarian is a requirement in order to be initiated into the meditation practice of Sant Mat, Surat Shabd Yoga, Meditation upon the inner Light and Sound of God. Sant Mat is a vegetarian Path for mystical, spiritual, ethical and theological reasons. The Masters teach that foods are of three kinds: Satvik, Rajsik, and Tamsik.

This last category of foods, which includes all flesh foods, is to be completely avoided.

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Satvik pure foods , the first category, includes: grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Satvik foods are considered by Mystics to promote relaxation, meditation, and spiritual experience. The first clear evidence that Master Jesus was a vegetarian is that his apostles and followers abided by the plant-based diet. Clement of Alexandria, who was also a vegetarian, wrote about the apostle Matthew:. Accordingly, the apostle Matthew partook of seeds, nuts and vegetables, without flesh.

The Ebionites as well as the other Early Christian groups were themselves vegetarians. The Ebionites accepted only the Gospel of the Hebrews as authentic and believed that this gospel was the original Gospel of Matthew.

Vision of the Messianic Age

Hegesippus, as quoted by Eusebius oui-sebius , wrote:. Many indeed are called James. He drank neither wine nor strong drink, ate no flesh, never shaved or anointed himself with ointment or bathed. He alone had the privilege of entering the Holy of Holies, since indeed he did not use woolen vestments but linen and went alone into the temple and prayed in behalf of the people.

Biblical scholar Dr. In fact, extra-biblical sources contain more reliable information about James than about Jesus. We hear from other sources, that all the Apostles were vegetarian, and that James, the brother of Jesus, was also a vegetarian. And he was raised that way. In other words, he was vegetarian from his birth. It was a vegetarian family. Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic, the language in which Jesus spoke. The Syriac Sinaiticus was found in the St. Catherine Monastery on Mt. For example:. And this is the incident that everyone remembers as Jesus overturns the tables of the moneychangers.

Why are they selling and buying animals? The incident in the temple is actually found in all four Gospels. And he poured out the coins of the moneychangers and overturned the tables. And this is what got Jesus killed. For example, in the Book of Isaiah it is stated:.

They can be substituted for each other in baking recipes or drinks. They are both dried and ground into a brown powder. However, they do have some major differences as can be seen on this link. It has a sweeter flavor and is very nutritious, being full of B vitamins and many minerals. It comes from a tree called St. Legend has it that this is the type of tree where John the Baptist got nourishment in the desert.

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Another word for locust is a certain type of insect. However, if he truly lived off the locust bean, then he would have been getting excellent nutrition from the locust bean and not an insect. Some people are allergic to cocoa, also known as chocolate, because it is a little too stimulating.

The results are severe migraine headaches for those whose nerves are sensitive.

Animal Sacrifices and the Messianic Period

There are some detrimental effects on this link, possibly from the theobromine and caffeine content in cocoa. This inspires a lot of people to continue their indulgence for chocolate without guilt. So, people end up wanting it even more. Regular beans of any kind, such as pinto and black beans also have this same effect. You could just eat more beans for the same feel-good effect and then enjoy all the nutritional benefits they have to offer.

However, natural enthusiasts are also learning about an even better source of chocolate being cacao or raw cocoa. Cacao is being used in many candies and treats as the new health food. Some say that the antioxidant properties are not accessible to the health of an individual unless it is in the raw form. So, you might be eating a lot of candy bars for nothing.