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  2. Scumbag animal abuser tied four baby squirrels together by their tails | Metro News
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Our range is perfect for brides and grooms!

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Vive la Void by Vive la Void. They were found on train tracks tied together by their tails which had been purposefully braided together, the animal hospital said. Thank you to the kind hearted person who found them and brought them in to be cared for.

Scumbag animal abuser tied four baby squirrels together by their tails | Metro News

The post stressed that animal abuse is "never OK" and if anyone sees someone abusing an animal to report it. The animal hospital also noted that tail knotting does happen naturally in the wild, but that wasn't the case for the four babies. The four are expected to recover, but they may loose their tails in These folks want to have your attention. Game on? Pleased to meet you!

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  2. SCRTS - Tails Tied Together | Doom Trip.
  3. Four baby squirrels found tied together by tails;
  4. SCRTS - Tails Tied Together | Doom Trip.
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