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Ben Jonson He was not of an age but for all time. William Hazlitt He talked on for ever; and you wished him to talk on for ever.

Ayer y hoy (English translation)

William Hazlitt Jesucristo el mismo ayer, hoy, y siempre. The Bible Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Edmund Burke The age of chivalry is gone.

That of sophistries, economists, and calculators, has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished for ever. At the age of 8, he fell in love with magic, magic of all kinds. Russell went on to travel the world as a professional magician, honing his skills in exotic locations, and communicating with audiences through the enticing language of entertainment.


With his background as a magician and his innate desire to engage an audience, Russell added to his many talents that of film editing. Kevin has been engineering professionally for over a decade. This landed him an opportunity to teach nation wide as an independent contractor with Steinberg — North America, instructing engineers, producers, record company executives and established professionals in various aspects of digital audio software.

Robert Navarro was born in New York City where he started his career as a pianist, arranger, producer, and therapeutic recreation specialist. During that time time he attended a screenwriting course at RAI, the Italian main television network, and a school for drawing and storyboarding.


Deaf Film Festival Washington D. Mechelle Hooper earned her way in the hair industry.

She started working in a salon at the tender age of 13 as a receptionist and there she discovered her life-long passion. Her ambitious nature and unique sense of style set her apart from the rest.

Rebelde ayer, hospitalaria hoy, Heroica siempre | WordReference Forums

This fashion savvy stylist honed her skills and created her own path in the hair industry. Thirty years later, owning and operating two salons in the Long Beach, California area, Hooper garnered a successful career as a stylist and entrepreneur. Her ultimate goal is to open a foundation for under-served and at-risk youth, which will cultivate leadership, self-discipline and self-esteem. She wants to encourage young people to not only appreciate a healthy concept of beauty, but to also live a responsible and accountable life of service.

Robin Roy has been training dogs her whole life, starting as a child following her mother, an AKC obedience judge, around the ring. She regularly attends professional conferences and is always learning—especially from her canine colleagues. She longs for a time when all guardians of our dogs appreciate them for the infinite packages of learning and love that they are.

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Philip Glade was diagnosed with Autism at the early age of 5. He soon discovered that he had a passion for the arts and began focusing his attention to production. If words are different , search our dictionary to understand why and pick the right word.

El Mismo Ayer, Hoy y Por Siempre – United Church of Bogotá

If phrases are different , try searching our examples to help pick the right phrase. Log in Sign up. Log in. Use the three translators to create the most accurate translation.

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Learn how. Translation Tips. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box.